Belvoir is magical.
That was the first thing that popped into mind when I asked myself "What word describes Belvoir the best?"

There are also about a trillion other words to describe the magical place. Belvoir is amazing, creative, professional, fun, embracing, and overall, home.
When you go to Belvoir, you meet people you wouldn't necessarily meet in your normal, day-to-day lives. You meet the most creative, talented, hilarious, fun people from all over the world. You just don't get a convention of people that amazing everyday. When you go to school, there are only select few like that. When you go to Belvoir, everyone fits the criteria.

I have found that in my two years of attending Belvoir Terrace Summer Camp, I have improved. Now, improved is a broad word, but it's fair to say that I have improved in just about everything. I have improve on my acting, dancing, singing, painting, drawing. I have also improved in general, just as a person. With the people I meet at Belvior, they have guided me to be a different person than I was before; I am more inviting to new people, more forgiving, more funny, as I gain a mindful of new jokes every time I go. I am more caring, more sensitive, more talented, more friendly, all the things that Belvoir is. I guess you can say that a little bit of the Belvoir magic rubbed off on me.

Within the walls of the house, the grassy hills and the green trees, you can feel something more than just a summer camp. I look at pictures of other camps, the places that my friends go to for the summer, and, truth be told, it just doesn't feel the same. Belvoir is different. It's more than a camp. It's a home, it's a family. And with every passing Cottager, every new wave of children that flock into the big house that towers above their heads, they know that they have found home. And even though you have to leave home sometimes, you're never really gone. There will always be next summer.

Sofia C.