Donate to the Edna Y. Schwartz Scholarship Fund

We Need You! Your foundation or your businesses help to support or sponsor a camper to experience a life changing summer in the Belvoir program! Summer Tuition is $12,000; Life changing education is costly with a staff of one hundred teachers nurturing one hundred and seventy five student campers. All moneys go directly to support a camper for summer 2018 or to the endowment fund for future campers. The fund has no overhead as the administrator and board are volunteers. The only costs are fees to New York and Massachusetts, some minimal printing costs now that the use of the internet is available, and yearly accountant fees for not for profit tax documents for the United States government.


You may also make donations by check made out to Edna Y. Schwartz Scholarship Fund and mailed to Belvoir Terrace, 101 W 79th St. 15B New York, NY 10024.