Campers grades 2-10 follow an exciting, all-elective, educational program in art, dance, music, theater, and individual sports. In Belvoir's supportive environment, campers develop self-confidence while gaining new skills and making life-long friendships.

Since 1954, Belvoir has been educating women in the arts, creating strong independent women who make a difference in their communities. Edna Schwartz a dancer and teacher, believed that education and the arts could bring people together. She understood that empowering young women would change the world.  At that time, Edna's beliefs were revolutionary pre- women's liberation. Edna purchased the Belvoir Terrace estate and created a community which has evolved into the only single-sex all arts summer program for women in the United States. Edna began enrolling scholarship students in the 60's. In 1984, Belvoir created a 501c-3K Scholarship Program in her name, The Edna Y. Schwartz Scholarship Fund. The fund has raised money to create opportunities for girls in need worldwide. In the current economic climate, there is increasing demand for support. The scholarship board has also begun a pledge to create endowment for the fund.

The enclosed materials introduces the Belvoir Terrace program. Please consider sponsoring a student camper each summer in the program and or a grant that would enhance the endowment fund. Belvoir selects scholarship candidate’s world-wide.

Summer 2009, Belvoir welcomed two Muslim scholarship campers, Arabs from Nazareth, Israel. These young musicians had a fabulous experience at Belvoir, while they enriched the Belvoir community. They participated in an Artashimsa event focused on saving the children world-wide. This event included the movie The Invisible Children, an excerpt from this event and film is included in an available dvd.  Summer 2014 Belvoir again enjoyed the musical skills of a girl from Nazareth supported by scholarship. Dana enjoyed playing duo piano with a Juilliard scholarship student from China.

Belvoir introduced Belvoir World Girls summer 2012. Representatives from the different age groups at Belvoir worked together to create a change for women and children in third world countries. Belvoir focused on clean water with a relationship with UNICEF. The next season the girls decorated sneakers and shoes which were then shipped to African countries where shoes were needed for children. More recently over a thousand cranes were created and then organized in a wreath to join others at The Childrens' Monument in Japan.

Belvoir students return to their own communities to effect change at home. After reading A Half A Sky, the Belvoir community is ever more committed to expanding its reach to young women around the world. Empowering women here and abroad makes a difference.

Your donation big or small will change the lives of young women and then the world.  Please spend time on our Belvoir Terrace website to learn all about the wonderful opportunity your donation will provide to a deserving young women. Please contact Belvoir for more information. Prospective scholarship campers may submit the application for review by the scholarship board.  The number of scholarships offered depends on the success of fund raising and the suitability of candidates for success in the program.  Thank you for your interest in girls in the arts at Belvoir Terrace.