Dear Nancy,

I am so grateful for the time I spent at Belvoir Terrace. My summers there were filled with wonderful experiences.  Belvoir provided me with the platform I needed to achieve my dream of becoming a professional dancer. I was able to find a job dancing for a small contemporary company in Ohio right after I graduated from Purchase College.  Early in my dance studies, I sought out summer programs to help me progress.  Coming from a family with financial difficulties did not make reaching my artistic aspirations any easier.  With the help of a scholarship, I was able to attend Belvoir for three incredible summers.  The staff was nurturing and supportive, and I was able to progress in my dance training.  Belvoir assisted me in my growth as a dancer. Before I attended the camp, I was an extremely shy and introverted girl.  At Belvoir I found just the sort of environment I needed to discover who I am.  I was able to be myself, make new friendships, and share wonderful experiences.  I know summers spent at Belvoir helped put me on a path to becoming a strong and confident woman, and also instilled in me an appreciation for all of the arts.  Nancy encouraged me to try new things and created a schedule that gave me precisely what I needed.  Although I approached swimming lessons and musical theater with trepidation, these classes and countless others helped me discover other interests and grow in new areas.  Belvoir Terrace truly is a special place and I know it played a key role in shaping who I am today!


Lieneke M.


I just wanted to thank you once more for coming to the show. I truly appreciate all your support! Your dedication to helping all Belvoir girls succeed is truly incredible and I am so grateful! - Lieneke Matte