Dear Nancy,

It's not enough words how many thanks I could tell you to express what I feel in my gratitude for you.

What more to wish as a parent, as a mother seeing somebody helping own child, reaching out, believing that it bring a lot positive outcomes. You've seen Laura's talent and you give her hand. The scholarship for summer camp in Belvoir Terrace was humungous help in my, our private and financial situation. Thanks for Edna Y. Schwartz Scholarship Fund helping others girls, dancers like Laura. 

Laura after almost 7 weeks in Belvoir Terrace came back not only as a better dancer but as a more mature young woman, understanding life a bit more, understanding  friendship, kindness, gratitude more. Summer camp with other girls was beautiful experience for her where she expand the word family. She has so many new friends.

I truly believe in helping each other in our human family.

I hope some day I could support somebody's life, somebody's talent.

And this what Laura wrote:

At Belvoir I got to make so many new friends, learn new things every day, and improve my dancing with amazing teachers.


Danuta T., Laura's mother



So after all the summers in BT Laura, my daughter, and your student, takes next step, big step in her life as a young woman. She's well prepared and you Nancy, you were one of people around her modeling her, framing, teaching, giving positive example that she can take the step with strength and confidence, believing in herself.

Thanks again to be in our lives !

I know we stay in touch and I'll let you know what's new in Laura's journey :)