For 9 years, I was an instructor at Belvoir Terrace.  I knew that if I ever had a daughter who loved the arts, I would try my best to send her to this magical camp that provides crème de le crème teachings in all art forms.  17 years later, it all came to fruition.  The summer of 2015, my daughter Jessie, was able to spend her first summer in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains.  At age 11, she had already decided that she wanted to be a dancer, I am a dancer.  Her father, the Associate Principal Trumpet of the Utah Symphony, and I both know that to achieve in the arts, you must immerse yourself in the arts with other young artists.  That is what we hoped Belvoir would provide for Jessie and it did.  We were able to give our daughter the experience of a lifetime, but not without the help of the Edna Y. Schwartz Scholarship Fund.  This invaluable gift enabled Jessie to mature and grow into a dedicated artisan.  She returned to Salt Lake City inspired to be the best.  She was placed in the Advance Pre Professional program with Ballet West and spends 20+ hours a week in the ballet studio.  I truly believe that is was her Belvoir experience that gave her the confidence, stamina and break away from electronics in order to be so dedicated and focused on excellence at such a young age.  

Kim L., Jessie's mother.