Destiny has loved her experience at Belvoir Terrace.  She has memories that she talks about throughout the year; from the time she comes home in August, until it’s time to go back again in June!

Destiny has really discovered her love for theater.  Not only does she enjoy acting, she has developed an appreciation for the process of the art.  Presently, she is studying to audition for her school’s production of Tom Sawyer.  She constantly referenced techniques she was taught in her classes with Justin and Trent.

In addition to study acting, Belvoir also affords her the opportunity to continue her study of violin in a serious music program with talented teachers, throughout the summer.  This is extremely important to both Destiny and I because she doesn’t have to sacrifice a summer of fun to continue a meaningful music education.

Destiny is a friendly, compassionate and funny young lady who gets along well with others.  She is comfortable and confident within herself, and those traits seem to be evident to her peers who connect well with her and enjoy her friendship and quiet leadership.  It takes all types of girls and personalities to make up a successfully diverse camp, and I believe destiny is an asset to that community.  I am honored that she is a member of such a wonderful summer camp family. 


Destiny's mother