Belvoir Terrace is a community like no other. it is an academy of enlightenment and empowerment. It is a bucolic respite from noisy distractions and fractious contention, a place where a torrent of creativity is free to flourish and yet, the serene Lenox woods are quiet enough to hear one's inner voice. The instructors and charges, all moving with harmonious, common purpose.  

My daughter, Nyoka, thrived in this supportive and inclusive creative cocoon, and though Belvoir is a progressive bastion, it brought my daughter in touch with what is old and real. Here I speak of letter writing instead of e-mail and text, cellphone access is limited to weekly phone calls, thereby cutting the electronic chord, curbing e-ddiction; it's amazing what a young person can achieve when the clutter of TV and myriad apps are cleared away, then these determined girls are capable of storing vast blocks of text, by the likes of Aeschylus, in their limitless brains. This was a transformative experience for my daughter, something that will stay with her, and indeed be a part of her, so long as she lives. 


Tanya E., Nyoka's mother